“Try praising your wife,
even if it does frighten her at first.”
Billy Sunday

You have us up at top and WE LOVE IT!

Speaking of "WOW!" that's what [we] both said when we finally found a moment to open the web site layout you sent yesterday (we're still on the mainland). We love, love, LOVE it! Classy, polished, yet "islandy." We are totally impressed with what you and your team have done and absolutely love the the design concept. The green leaf makes our logo colors "pop," and the black background provides the perfect canvas for the photos. It is a 1000% improvement over the current website, but I must say I did not expect to be wowed so immediately. Wow and Wow!

...terrific web site! I learned a great deal...You did a great job with this site. Humor is makes it fun.

... I can't wait to get into the site again & see what else you've done! This is so much fun. Hope you're having as much fun as I am. I REALLY appreciate all your hard work & great ideas. Nice working with a creative, motivated person!

Three different people commented on our new logo this week. We couldn't be more pleased. You've out done yourself!

I just got to tell you, your web site rocks!! I manage a ski shop in Tahoe and have a web site I have to manage too. No easy task sometimes. I mean you've got it all covered from the F.A.Q.s to the map page. And now I even know what ‘Ahi’ means...!